Finish Cutting Tooling With Wet Blasting

Cutting Tool manufacturesr are turning to wet blasting to finish tooling shafts during the manufacturing process. Wet blasting is even used when tooling repairs are need and PCD segments have been brazed onto the shaft for repair. With the flow based topography following nature of the wet slurry you can clean and flux and contaminates gently away without damaging the PCD segments helping increase productivity and quality of output.  No other process compares when it comes to not only cleaning the surface but protecting existing work. Dry blasting has been used but substantial masking has to occur so that teeth are not damaged causing increased work for the same tool.

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  • Provides a consistent and repeatable surface finish
  • Can prep surfaces for coatings without damaging PCD segments
  • Eliminates dust in your shop
  • Low decibel operating levels makes part cleaning pleasant
  • No chemicals or disposal needed
  • Reduces abrasive consumption compared to dry blasting
  • Can tailor surface finishes for different applications