De burring & Finishing CNC Parts with Wet Blasting

Using the wet blasting process to de burr and or finish cnc parts is becoming a big hit. The reason for this is because of the flow based nature of the slurry in which it gently runs across a delicate surface helping retain its form and function. This process helps speed up operations in the de burring department helping remove smaller burrs. It also has been used it heat treat departments removing heat treat scale preparing for a coating. And lastly wet blasting has been used in providing consistent and repeatable surface finishes on many aesthetic parts.

  • Provides an even and satin surface finish
  • Can de burr and surface finish parts simultaneously
  • Can prep surfaces for coatings while holding tight tolerances
  • Eliminates dust in your shop
  • Low decibel operating levels makes part cleaning pleasant
  • Reduces abrasive consumption compared to dry blasting
  • Can tailor surface finishes between customers