How to Vapor Blast Chrome

How to vapor blast chrome. There are two main ways you can do this. One is for stripping or replacing, and the more popular one is cleaning up chrome with glass bead. When you are trying to polish or clean the chrome, fill up your vapor blaster with 20% fine mesh glass bead and set your PSI at 40-60 working pressure and start 6 inches away from the part, working your way in slowly. You should never need to get closer than 4 inches or you will ruin the chrome.
It is easier than it sounds. Don’t worry, just take it slow and it will be easy.
The second way is stripping the chrome off or replacing, which you can do with aluminum oxide 70 Mesh @ 100-120 psi in your vapor blaster. This process is fairly quick and easy and will help you perfectly strip the rims clean for a new chrome coating
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