Vapor Blasting Investment Castings

Wet Blasting is becoming a top priority in jewelry manufacturing with cleaning of investment castings. Why? With wet blasting you can clean and polish the raw casting after the investment has been removed. This is a very quick operation that also helps in the inspection process before sending through the production stages. With the flow based topography following nature of the wet slurry you can even clean behind set stones for manufacturers with higher production in mind. Dry blasting will remove precious metals and create unnecessary hazardous dust in the process. Wet Blasting doesn’t remove any base metals with the correct abrasives chosen for investment casting cleaning.

Contact us today to talk over your application and find a machine suitable for you.

  • Provides an even and satin surface finish
  • Can clean behind set stones in one step after investment is broken off.
  • Doesn’t remove expensive precious metals
  • Eliminates dust in your shop
  • Low decibel operating levels makes part cleaning pleasant
  • No chemicals or disposal needed