Wet blasting is also known as slurry blasting, liquid honing and vapor blasting. Basically, any wet blast system uses water with abrasive to form slurry that is used for the surface finishing effect. The velocity of the slurry along with the physical characteristics of the blast media is what does the cleaning or peening. A typical wet blast cabinet includes the following important components/systems.

  • Blast Cabinet enclosure
  • Pump for media delivery and slurry mixing
  • Blast gun for directing the slurry blast
  • Compressed air to accelerate the slurry

Unlike dry blasting, wet blasting is a non-abrasive blast due to the “cushioning effect” the water has. Very fine medias can be used for very delicate surfaces and substrates. Wet blasting does not impregnate media into the surface and creates no heat which eliminates part warping. It is also important to mention that since water is added there is no harmful dust.